Sarah Morris: Girlfriend

The artist Sarah Morris (*1967), who lives in New York and London, draws for her works from her immediate metropolitan living environment. The motifs of her paintings resemble urban archetypes of our time. In particular, the skyscraper facades, whose reflective glass fronts convey an image of power and prosperity visible from afar, simultaneously shape the physiognomy of the metropolitan ambience surrounding them as a “decorative” as well as anonymous pars pro toto. Morris also deals with the logic of urban structures in her films. Thus, in her latest film “AM/PM”, which was shot in Las Vegas, the gambling and show mecca in the Nevada desert, with its pictorial architectures and mesh of electronic advertising signs, is metaphorically shown as a city in which technology and architecture form a strategic alliance.

Alongside the paintings and her latest film, the group exhibition “GIRLFRIEND”, put together by Morris especially for Leipzig, can be seen. With works by Merlin Carpenter, Dan Flavin, David Hicks, Dana Hoey, Willie Landels/Zanotta, Richard Phillips and Peter Saville, an “ideal, almost cinematographic stage set for a moment in the future” (Morris) is created.

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