[Collection 2000]

With the purchase of the work “The Top of the Track. That Hit the Bridge. (Seasonal Fruit Stand)” by Dan Peterman, the Friends own and display another work by the American artist. It complements the functional “Running Tables”, which probably every visitor to our café on the terrace has used at some time. Peterman also uses recycled material for the “Fruit Stand”. In their reduced forms, the works are reminiscent of the vocabulary of minimal art and at the same time focus on the cycle of raw materials. In this way, they refer beyond themselves to social reality in a model-like manner. Last year, “Daylight System”, one of the variable light constructions by the Polish artist Mirosław Filonik, was finally acquired. The artist’s working materials are neon tubes. They were developed jointly by him and the Philips company as Filonik tubes and are based on manually controlled gas supply with varying emission power. Light becomes a constructive element, the room temporarily becomes a luminous cell. With three large-scale photographs from the series on the IG Farben building, Günther Förg is now also represented in the collection as a mediator between the generations. The photographs lead on to Anna and Bernhard Blume, Ken Botto and others. Now the drawings by Charlie Cho from Brookfield Zoo, already acquired in 1996, and Tobias Rehberger’s uncharming underwear design as compulsory clothing for the supervisors at the 1997 Venice Biennale can also be presented.

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