Primary Structures

The exhibition will feature Martin Gerwers, Clay Ketter, Gerold Miller and Beat Zoderer, four artists in whose work the experience of space is a constitutive element. This is less indebted to minimalism than to a tradition of geometric abstraction. Both Constructivism and its successor, Constructivist-Concrete Art, attempted to generate illusions of space based on the panel painting. Primary Structures” presents positions whose works are borrowed from this formal vocabulary. In different ways and in differentiated gradations, the artists shown break away from the two-dimensionality of the painted tableau and emphasise the experience in physical space.f


›Primary Structures‹
Martin Gerwers, Clay Ketter, Gerold Miller, Beat Zoderer
Ausstellung: 13.6.-15.8.1999, Hrsg.: Jan Winkelmann, Leipzig 1999

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