The Friends of the GfZK

„In a cafe I meet with Doris Staufenbiel, the Friends of the GfZK and members of the GfZK’s Governing Board. I order a small Rhubarb soda and, at Staufenbiel’s first sentence, am already regreting that I didn’t order more. And a couple of extra hours on the side. She talks about her first experiences with art. How she visited churches and historical exhibitions with her parents: for example Hildesheim, where in 1976 there was a Tutankhamun exhibition. Then she speaks about the medium of photography. We wonder together about the title of a current photography festival: get lucky. Staufenbiel speaks about how the pursuit of happiness is set as a fundamental Right in the American Constitution, that for a long time beauty is no longer an essential attribute of art and how the idea, that everyone has the same oppportunities in life, is not true. Then we go, in greater and greater detail, into the background of these ideas and their meanings in various different contexts. When asked, what art means to her, she replies that through the experience of art she lives in a much more open world.

Excerpt from The Friends of the GfZK brochure: Punkte, die sich verbinden. Eins bis … as told by Angelika Waniek, 2014

The Friends of the Leipzig Museum for Contemporary Art was founded on 10th November 1990. At first, without its own premises, the organisation held exhibitions in the underground hall of the Alte Messe, in the Monument to the Battle of the Nations, and at other diverse locations around Leipzig. Since the opening of the GfZK-Villa by the Johannapark in 1998 the Friends of the GfZK have supported acquisitions of art, exhibitions, publications, art prizes and curatorial projects. The members meet regularly by exhibition openings, by studio visits and on trips for the Friends of the GfZK.

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