Art mediation


Contemporary Art – What’s that got to do with me? The GfZK FOR YOU Art Mediation Department has been cooperating with various school and extracuricular groups since 2005. Art Mediation takes place in gallery exhibitions, in the city and outside it. Art mediation is particularly connected with the respective exhibition programs at the GfZK, but rather than focusing on individual works of art, the emphasis is on identifying and discussing what is relevant to the various situations of the participating children, young persons, and adults.

What makes a city? How do we lead our lives? What is family? What will my future be like? What is especially important to me? Active participation and attention to ones own living environment are essential for participation and construtive collaboration within a society. Project topics and working methods are produced through a dialogue between participants and the GfZK FOR YOU team. The presentation of the project’s results is thus personalised and unique.

Information and contact:
Lena Seik and Alexandra Friedrich
+49.341.140 81 17

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