Training: The Violence of Position – Decolonial Training and Manual for the Ally

a project by Filipa César, Jota Mombaça and Diana McCarty


The artist and filmmaker Filipa César is interested in the fictive element of the documentary and in the relationship between the production and reception of films. Since 2011, she has been carrying out research on the role of films in the African liberation movement in Guinea-Bissau. Here she sees film production as an important means of resistance against colonial narratives and forms of knowledge. Her works, which she produces jointly with a number of collaborators, include 16 mm films, digital archives and multimedia performances. In Leipzig, selected works and performative moments featuring her working method are presented.

Filipa César was selected as this year’s prizewinner of the Art Prize Future of Europe by a jury consisting of Noor Mertens (Kunstverein Langenhagen), Marius Babias (n.b.k. – Neuer Berliner Kunstverein), Ilina Koralova (freelance curator), Matthias Brühl (sponsor of the Art Prize and chairman of Friends of the GfZK) and Franciska Zólyom (Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig)

The prize includes the sum of 5,000 euro, donated by Matthias Brühl, and a solo presentation at the GfZK.

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