GfZK Summer Festival

GfZK Sommerfest 2022

Wohoo! Summer is here again! That’s a reason to celebrate, sit together, feast, get creative, exchange ideas and have fun together.

Starting at 4pm, we’ll have a flea market, cake bazaar, Lego workshop, digital fitness, a dyeing plant workshop and much more…

From 7pm we invite you to the exhibition opening of I Do What You Do What They Do and afterwards we look forward to nodding along to some good music or even shaking a leg together.

Pack your picnic blanket and come along!


4-7 pm
creative workshops: Lego, Erobics, dyer plant workshop, plant swap, digitality tinkering , accompanied by a callshop radio session with food and drinks and much more….

4 pm                                                                                                                        Summer Concert by Musikschule Schweder

4-9 pm
Flea market including GfZK book stall and cake bazaar

7 pm
Exhibition opening: Meehye Lee: I Do What You Do What They Do

8:30 pm
Concert by shejust_left

9:30 pm                                                                                                                     Concert by Neasa Ni Bhriain, Konstantin Heuer, Stefania Smolkina and Damian Ibn Salem

9-12 pm
DJ set by Music of colour

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