Institutional Statement


The current social debates on racist violence and structural racism are of great concern to us as the team of a cultural institution.

These debates show us unequivocally that critical-reflective work can also (re)produce ignorance, hierarchies, exclusion and violence. From an intersectional perspective, we would thus like to speak out even more clearly for non-discriminatory participation, both within our own structures and in the social public sphere as a whole.

We understand the GfZK to be a place where people with different experiences and perspectives can come together, enter into an open dialogue and argue with one another. We are committed to a kind of togetherness that does not strive towards homogeneity, consensus or “normality”, but perceives differences and endorses hierarchy-free relationships based on solidarity.

This approach is not concerned “only” with the GfZK’s programme and activities. Indeed, it is a force that forms and changes the institution continuously. It is also inconceivable without support, interest, opposition and criticism from the outside!

In order to take a more decisive stance against racism and other forms of discrimination, we have developed the following initiatives:

We will make a critical analysis of the structures of the GfZK: the financing, the team, the working processes, the programme, the art collection, the contents of the library as well as the public sphere and networks via which we cooperate with others.

Using examples, we would like to present the artistic, mediation and cultural-political methods with which we as an institution oppose all forms of discrimination.

We would like to develop a communication strategy that places our work more clearly in the context of democratisation. In this way, we wish to demonstrate the links between our work and the fight against racism and discrimination, without appropriating it.

We would like to hold anti-racist training sessions in order to practice speaking out even more loudly against racism and discrimination. Here, our aim is not least to learn to recognise how we sustain racist and discriminatory structures ourselves.

Thank you for your obvious interest in the GfZK and for having the confidence to confront us with your criticism. Any form of criticism has a transformative power, and we would like to develop this in a joint process with you.

We will inform you of all events on our website, in our newsletter and on social media.

If you have any further questions and comments, please contact


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