INFORM. Prize for conceptual design

INFORM. The Prize for conceptual design is annually awarded since 2007 and has its basis in the interface of graphic design and art .The prize worth 5.000 Euro is donated by Dr. Arend Oetker, Berlin. The Prize is associated with an exhibition in the GfZK.

2019s award winner Yin Aiwen is a Chinese designer in the field of system design. She presents her research and artistic projects in the form of installations, APPs and publications. The presentation of this year’s award winner Yin Aiwen is planned for 2021.

Yin Aiwen, a designer, theorist and project developer living in Amsterdam, investigates the social impact of digital communication technologies in the form of texts, speculative research and time-based artistic media. She stands for a design that establishes relationships between people and systems in order to redesign the relationship between technology and society. She formulates the points of contact and interfaces between the analogue and the digital world in various media.

Her exhibition in Leipzig presents the installation The Massage is the Medium, which examines the relationship between body, consumption and digitality. The research-based piece reunion, which deals with networking among the needy and care workers, is shown here for the first time. Finally, the ongoing project COMMONS.ART is presented, on the theme of collective non-possession in the art world.

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