Edition: Fluffy by Tristan Schulze

FLUFFY is a textile artist edition by Tristan Schulze developed in cooperation with the fashion designer Eva Howitz of HOWITZWEISSBACH and the Friends of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Leipzig.

FLUFFY is a multipurpose garment, jewelry, bag, carrying system and textile privacy screen.

With FLUFFY the human silhouette can be changed in a simple way. Just a slight, asymmetrical irritation of the body shape by the textile is useful as a camouflage tool to easily disturb or even prevent video surveillance or video identification. The iridescent surface reflects flash and infrared light so strongly that the user in photos or video recordings disappears behind a rainbow-colored light source.

FLUFFY was developed with an individual multi-purpose in mind. It can be used primarily as a bag or carrying system for the shoulder, at the waist or around the neck.

FLUFFY can be folded, stretched and rebound so that it can be reconfigured for different purposes.

FLUFFY is a locally designed, limited textile artist’s edition.

Edition: 40 pieces
Price: € 70,-
colours: black and silver
For orders: service@gfzk.de

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