International Village Show – Spanish Villages and the Surrounding Region of Leipzig

On 8 May, the second International Village Show opens at the GfZK garden house. This time, there will be an encounter between Spanish villages and the surrounding region of Leipzig.

For 15 years, Antje Schiffers and Thomas Sprenger have been carrying out barter transactions with farmers in Europe – a picture of the farmyard by the artist is exchanged for a video in which the farmers portray their work. Meanwhile, there is an archive containing 30 films of “I like being a farmer and I would like it to stay that way”. There will be an opportunity to see the two most recent films at the International Village Show 2/8 – one from Cuevas del Becerro, Andalusia, and the other from Hinojosa del Valle, Extremadura. The films are concerned with issues such as property and political involvement, solidarity and tradition.

In cooperation with GeoWerkstatt Leipzig, Wapke Feenstra shows a film animation of the geological changes that have taken place in the region surrounding Leipzig. We learn of elevations and subsidence, of an active volcano near Leipzig. Feenstra shows us that there are traces of lava and marine life. The landscape we know today has developed over a period of 350 000 000 years.

In the autumn of 2014, Kathrin Böhm began a project for the International Village Show, in cooperation with the art teacher Dorit Löffler and grade 9 and 10 pupils from Großbardau in the Muldentalkreis. They addressed the following questions: what do young people do in the country? What places do they frequent in their spare time? In keeping with the MyVillages motto, which aims to counteract a tendency to be too hasty in romanticising life in the country, we should not assume that young people in rural areas meet up around a campfire in the woods, secretly smoke cigarettes behind the barn, or show off by speeding around on their mopeds.

At the beginning of July, ideas and themes from the workshops will be presented in the form of a new meeting place on the platform in the GfZK garden, which will be officially opened on 10 July. Studies, drawings and first design concepts are on display in a project folder.

Every Saturday and Sunday, 2 pm and 4 pm
Guided tour of the show, shopping at the International Village Shop, refreshments at the bar

At the end of the two-year programme, a comprehensive publication will be available.

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