Gaudiopolis – Attempts at a Joyful Society

Zero hour: After World War II, a community is formed in Budapest. The children’s republic of Gaudiopolis takes in hundreds of orphans – independently of their religion, social background, or nationality. The characteristic aspects of solidarity and active participation, which Gaudiopolis and earlier children’s republics of the 20th century stand for, will be presented in the historical part of the exhibition. Questions of how to live together respectfully will be discussed through works by contemporary artists and addressed in participatory projects. In the light of current social division, Gaudiopolis exemplifies a joyful and supportive community that is aware of its internal conflicts and, nevertheless, focuses on its diversity in order to expand its possibilities.

A cooperation with OFF-Biennale Budapest and Theatre of the Young World Leipzig.

Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation

Kulturstiftung des Bundes

A cooperation with the OFF Biennale e.V. Budapest

OFF Biennale Budapest
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